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Nov 14, 2012 4:30am PST
that fire heading in this morning. we begin in san francisco's city hall crews are trying get the building cleaned up and ready for business after a fire broke out in the basement. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall with the story. were there evacuations? >> reporter: there were last night. they had it all explosion, fire, evacuations inch of water in the basement. right now you wouldn't know anything happened if it weren't for those two pg&e trucks. right now take a look at the scene last night 9:30 firefighters were called out after an electrical explosion in the basement that started a fire that triggered the sprinkler system which led to an inch of water in the basement there was a party going on people attending and the caterers were escorted out. >> the alarms went off, lights started flickering, sheriffs asked people to exit. >> reporter: did you smell smoke? >> i never did, not until we got out of the building. >> reporter: but there was smoke in parts of city hall, no injuries. pg&e crews had to be careful there's a number of electrical lines going into city hall they wanted to
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am PST
for the commute than the rain which is still near crescent city about to move into eureka over the last three hours moving to the east the entire system is sliding down to the south. timeframe probably after the morning rush hour rain in the north bay around the heart of the bay noon south bay during the afternoon be prepared for sunshine, clouds and showers today. check out these temperatures cooler than yesterday, mid 50s at the coast, mid 50s to possibly 60 for the rest of us definitely coat weather. here's sue with traffic. >>> first thing roadwork golden gate bridge clear, down to one lane on the marin side of the span. elsewhere roadwork eastbound highway 4 at loveridge detour in place. roadwork to marin northbound and southbound 101 intermittent lane closures repaving project. broadway tunnel closed for cleaning until the 16th of this month until 6:00 this morning detour in place there as well. >>> this morning a man is in custody after a pipe bomb was found in his car in san jose. the bomb squad detonated the device after the man was pulled over no one was evacuated a nearby holiday i
Nov 15, 2012 4:30am PST
has ended in a crash on city streets with several injured and cars damaged. >>> terry mcsweeney is live at 17th and south van ness with more. >> reporter: 17th and south van ness is going to be busy shortly and there is no light working now because in ended with the vehicle being chased crashing into a signal box, knocking out power to the light. it began about 2:00 this morning, 4th street exit off the bay bridge. chp noticed the vehicle speeding, weavivo;c$ almost hitting construction workers. the vehicle hit a parked vehicle which hit a person on a bike. that person is injured and you can see the damage to the car and the extensive damage to the bicycle. the rider of the bike is in the hospital with unknown injuries that vehicle that was being chased actually was described as going the wrong way down 15th street. now look at what it looked like a short time ago. the crash that ended this all, the vehicle a jeep cherokee, going into a signal box, knocking out power here. according to the chp, the driver of that vehicle has been arrested for due -- for dui, hit-and-run,
Nov 9, 2012 4:30am PST
on the san mateo bridge, headlights headed eastbound towards hayward tail lights towards foster city, clear, san jose northbound 87 past hp pavillion, light, wet. can't stress to take your time, flooding westbound 580 north livermore that accident cleared out of lanes. start starting to slow a little out of central valley up and over the altamont pass. accident southbound 80 ramp to 280 in san jose not blocking lanes off to the right. >>> folks watch that flooding especially if you are leaving in the next hour or so. >>> video game created by a silicon valley company gets a group of navy seals in serious trouble. why they are being disciplined. >>> bay area transportation leaders consider ways to limit information they keep on clipper and fastrak users. >>> verizon reaching out to help victims of hurricane sandy. offering free domestic texan voice use aim and -- useage for customers in new jersey and new york. samsung's galaxy has topped apple's iphone it sold 18 million units in the 3rd quarter. pinterest is adding more privacy, users will be able to create up to three secret boards access
Nov 12, 2012 4:30am PST
about the affair, toward the end of the summer. >>> police in union city investigating death of a man found in a trash bin a woman discovered the injured man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning. she called authorities who rushed him to the hospital, where he died. police are persuing active leads and would like anyone with information to call union city police. >>> gilroy family grieving the death of their dog after a pit bull barged into their house and attacked the 67-year-old poodle. the pit -- atack their 6-year-old poodle. >> just this much and the dog nuzzled its head through. >> reporter: the 11-year-old opened the door to let her 2-year-old brother in the house. little did she know a pit bull she had never seen before was at the door too, eager to get in. >> i was trying to close the door the dog pushed it and i slammed it against here. >> reporter: her little brother just arrived home with their grandfather who didn't see the pit bull at the door until it was making its way inside the door. >> i've never seen it here. >> reporter: within moments the poodle ran to t
Nov 13, 2012 4:30am PST
. >>> hercules city council set to vote tonight on a draft resolution that would censure one of is members of unethical conduct and abuse of power when she allegedly pressured an engineer to stop a hercules resident from criticizing her on a blog in june. that resident works for an engineering is designing a joint waste water treatment plan. she went to the officials of the firm to stop the blogs. she apologized in september. >>> sometimes in the fall towards winter you want to compare it to rollercoaster ride with the weather. >> i'm still not over the nice weather we've been having, the warm temperatures of weeks gone by with i have to adjust now because fall is -- gone by. i have to adjust now because fall is clearly here. >> live doppler good news it is showing dry air. it is quiet, no need to worry about rain. unlimited visibility this morning. a few high clouds. a little like yesterday. unlike yesterday not as chilly most of us will be in the 40s at 7:00. noon, five degrees warmer than yesterday, upper 50s to low 60s. 4:00 more high clouds, low to mid 60s. 7:00 we drop back into the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6